for Tennis, Squash, Raquetball, Badminton, Padel, Pickelball - singles & doubles
...rules, match format and scoring customised for your club, with leagues of 3 to 12 players

Run box leagues to add to your club's competitiveness, to help players meet new players and to encourage more play all round.

Do all this with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness!

Box leagues (or just leagues or sometimes ladders) are a great way to get competitive matches arranged for players on a regular basis. But without the right set of tools to setup, organise, maintain and regulate them they can be a lot of work.

LadderScores is a web-based system to do that work for you...

Who am I playing?

The opponents page gives a player all the information for the upcoming round: which league they are in, how long it runs and the organiser details

Your opponents ...shows their contact details. Email text and phone buttons that open up corresponding windows to send a text or email and (on a mobile device) call an opponent directly.

Contact details are only shown to the players who need them - their opponents for the current round. Visitors can't see them.

The Group email button opens up an email window with the emails of all your opponents, allowing you to ask them when they are free in a single action.

Withdraw allows a player to withdraw immediately or at the end of a round without contacting the organiser.

Submitting scores

Flexible scoring allows automatic scoring to be quickly set up in line with your current scoring scheme, allowing, for example, points to be allocated for taking part, for winning, or per game or set won.

Easy score entry allows players to enter match results in seconds. Players are only offered choices of valid scores. Opponents then receive an email showing the score just entered. If necessary they can enter a correction.

for Squash leagues... results can be sent through to the SquashLevels global rating system on a nightly basis so that players can compare results on a national basis.

Try out scoring

How am I doing?

Once a score is entered league positions are immediately updated showing points, positions, games conceded, and more.

How long have I got? The bar across the top shows players how long they have to complete matches (it goes red when that time is nearly up!) and what proportion of matches have been played.

Where did that player come from!? The last box/league column shows which box players were in for the previous round and how they did. Players new to the ladder or those who've just re-joined are marked as such.
Let me count the ways... players can view a variety of stats such as head-to-heads or progress over time shown as a chart, both for their current box/league or for anyone in the current round.

These can help answer questions such as:

❛ is my next opponent going to be a serious challenge for me?❜

❛ How has she/he done against other players?❜

❛ how has he/she progressed through the leagues over the last year?❜

❛ who's won their league/box most often?❜

❛ who's made it to the top of the ladder most often?❜

❛ who's won the most games this season?❜

Players can also compare their progress to that of any other player.
And the results are in... once the current round of the box leagues has ended the question of who get promoted or demoted is decided firstly by the scores (of course) and in the case of players getting equal points by who won the match between them or by who conceded the fewest games or points

then... new players need to be added in, returning players need to be slotted in and some players will need to be removed (they're busy, they're injured or they didn't manage to play sufficient matches).

and... automatically email any players who've been removed, letting them know (gently) why they aren't in the next round.

and finally... send out emails to all players in the new round to tell them the new competition is ready together with any and all details you'd like your players to know about.

Sounds like a lot of work?

...with LadderScores the organiser can do all this... in just a few minutes!

LadderScores is available on a monthly subscription basis, based on the number of players active each month. Clubs can offset that cost by setting an optional entry fee to each round, administered through Stripe. This could also be used an an income stream.

The system is web-based with no apps to install or maintain and works equally well on all devices and screen sizes.

Sounds interesting?
Ready to roll?

Do get in touch for a demonstration.

See how it all works from both the player's point-of-view and the organiser's.

Get access to a demonstration club to try it out at your leisure. Discuss any questions you may have, pricing and how to get started.

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All names are randomly generated and do not represent registered players.
Players' contact details are only displayed to other players in the same club and in the same box or league, or when using MatchFinder to get a hit.

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